Good news|Dogain won the 2024 Ringier Technology Innovation Award!

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2024-05-20 13:23

On May 15th, the "2024 Laser Processing and Advanced Manufacturing Technology Forum and 2024 Laser Processing Industry - Ringier Technology Innovation Award Ceremony" organized by Ringier Industry Media and leading laser enterprises and scientific research institutions was held in Suzhou. After strict selection, the "high-power multi-mode long-wavelength 1018nm semiconductor laser chip and pump module" won the "Ringier Technology Innovation Award".



Sponsored by Ringier Industrial Media, a well-known information media in China, the Ringier Technology Innovation Award has attracted wide attention from the industry for its fair and objective selection process, and has become the most professional and influential industry selection in the field of industrial manufacturing, and is the most international and professional industrial technology innovation award in China.

The award-winning "high-power multi-mode long-wavelength 1018nm semiconductor laser chip and pump module" aims at the demand for 1018nm co-belt pumping of fiber lasers, and breaks through the chip design of 1μm long wavelength and high power, the growth of high-quality epitaxial materials with low defects and high uniformity, the design and process control of precise waveguide structure, the special passivation treatment and coating of the cavity surface against optical catastrophic damage, the reliability verification system and failure mechanism analysis, and the high-efficiency optical fiber coupling. A series of key technologies such as low-stress, high-airtightness, and high-stability module packaging have realized the productization of high-power and high-reliability semiconductor laser chips and modules. The key performance indicators have reached or exceeded the level of similar international products, solved the bottleneck of core shortage of such products, and realized the independent controllability from chips to module products.


The project starts with the independent development of 1μm long-wavelength semiconductor laser chips, adopts the vertically integrated manufacturing (Integrated Design and Manufacture, IDM) model, establishes a complete full-process R&D and production line from chip design, epitaxial growth, chip preparation, chip and module packaging, and achieves a breakthrough in the performance of 1018nm laser chips and modules through a series of core technologies and process research. The mass production of two chips and two modules has been formed to meet the urgent needs of customers for localization and promote the healthy and rapid development of the industry.

Winning the "Ringier Technology Innovation Award" this time is a high recognition of the technology development and product innovation of the core of the company, and it is also an affirmation of the innovation of the core of the company in the design and manufacture of laser chips. As a high-tech enterprise, Dogain has always adhered to technology leadership, continuous innovation, and has always focused on the design, R&D and manufacturing of high-performance, high-power, and high-reliability optoelectronic chips and devices, providing customers with high-quality products and services, and realizing the dual drive of innovation and development.

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