New product express|Dogain launched DW high-brightness series module products

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2024-04-28 16:18

Recently, Dugan Core Optoelectronics Technology (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. has successfully developed a new wavelength combined beam DW series module products. This product not only doubles the power and brightness of the original product, but also has excellent reliability in long-term operation at high power. DW series products can be widely used in industrial processing, lidar, scientific research, laser display and laser medical and other fields.



Fiber-coupled diode lasers have the advantages of small size, long life, and high stability, but they are usually limited in direct diode laser applications and pumped ultra-high brightness and high-power fiber lasers due to their poor beam quality. For this reason, it is becoming increasingly important to improve the beam quality while increasing the individual pump power. The high-power pump source generally improves the output power and beam quality of the laser through beam shaping and beam combining, and the usual beam combining methods include the following three methods: space beam combining, polarization beam combining, and wavelength beam combining.

DW series products use 915nm and 976nm chips with low divergence angle and high degree of polarization independently developed by Dugan, and adopt the above three beam combining schemes in one product to achieve high power, high brightness and high efficiency at the same time. In addition, the product adopts a compatible design, and the shell size of the series products is consistent, which is convenient for customers to unify the specifications of the heat dissipation cold plate.  


Product Advantages:

a) High brightness: Compared with single-wavelength products, DW series has high brightness and small output laser NA, which can greatly avoid the high temperature problem caused by high-power pump power injection into the beam combiner;

b) High reliability: DW series adopts a new generation of pigtail design, which has better reliability when working at high power;

c) High efficiency: DW series products have both high power and high brightness characteristics, such as 800W 135um DW products power density up to 5.6*10^6W/cm², which can be directly applied to thin plate welding;

d) High compatibility: DW-1320W can be used as a pump source for 1KW, 2KW, 3KW, 6KW, 12KW and other fiber laser models, with high compatibility;

e) Low cost: DW series can be equipped with red light indicator light, on the one hand, it can reduce the cost of customers using beam combiner, on the other hand, the red light adopts a spatial isolation scheme, the isolation degree is > 40db, which reduces the customer's protection cost against red light failure caused by light return.


Product Specifications:


The DW series is an important part of the ever-expanding pump series. Facing the rapid development of the laser market, Du Gen has made continuous breakthroughs in various aspects such as high power, high brightness, light weight, and stable wavelength, which greatly meets the new needs of customers and provides assistance for the launch of new products and the development of new applications in the field of high-end industrial laser equipment.


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