Innovation and breakthrough|Miniaturized 3pin uncooled 980nm single-mode pump module product was successfully launched

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2024-03-25 13:12

Based on the self-developed new generation of single-mode 980nm chips, Dogain has successfully developed single-mode 980nm unrefrigerated pump module products, and has realized 3-pin pump module products without refrigeration by virtue of its unique design chip technology and wide temperature range wave locking technology.


The single-mode 980nm pump module in a 3pin package has the characteristics of miniaturization, low power consumption, and wide operating temperature range, and is suitable for application scenarios that require miniaturization and compactness, including next-generation miniaturized EDFA modules and systems, pluggable optical amplification modules, optical amplification modules for data centers, etc., which can be widely used in optical communication and optical sensing fields in the future.


1. High performance and high reliability: the output power of the module reaches 300mW, which meets the reliability verification standard of optical communication;

2. Miniaturization: The packaging module in the form of a small size of 3 pins is adopted, and the volume of the module tube and shell is reduced by 93% compared with that of the 14-pin module;

3. Low power consumption: the uncooled package is adopted, and the TEC with high power consumption is removed, and the working power consumption is extremely low;

4. Wide working temperature range: suitable for good wave-locking performance in a large temperature range of 0-75°C and long-term stable work at high temperature.

Based on the new generation of communication-grade single-mode 980nm high-power laser chips, a new 3pin packaging module has been developed, and according to the characteristics and requirements of uncooled applications, through in-depth research on chip design, material growth, device technology, and module wave-locking, a single-mode high-power chip and module have been successfully developed, realizing a stable wave-locking with a wide temperature range without TEC cooling.


Single-mode 980nm pump module in 3pin package


Typical LIV and spectral curves at 25/75°C operating temperature:

Product range

Center wavelength: 972-976nm

Output power: 300mW@CW

Operating temperature: 0-75°C

Module Specifications:

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