Good News | Dogain has successfully passed TL9000 certification and is in line with the international communication industry quality management system

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2024-02-07 14:10

Recently, after strict auditing and evaluation, Dogain has successfully passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification renewal audit, and on this basis, has successfully passed the TL9000 quality management system certification. This marks that Dogain's quality management system has reached the global communication industry quality standards, and can better provide reliable communication grade products and high-quality services for the communication industry, This has laid a solid foundation for enterprises to further expand their communication backbone applications, greatly enhancing customer confidence.



TL9000 certification is a quality management system requirement and measurement standard for the communication industry. Based on the ISO9000 quality management system as the core, it adds professional requirements and measurement indicators for the communication industry, including the quality management system and measurement indicators as the standard basis. This system provides comprehensive and strict management of product design and development, supplier management, production process control, and sales services, ensuring the efficiency and accuracy of the entire product production and delivery process.

The passing of the TL9000 quality management system certification marks the further improvement of the quality management system of Dogain, and in this regard, it has been in line with international standards and reached a high level. As a high-end semiconductor laser chip and module manufacturer, Dogain has been deeply implementing the quality policy of "quality first, customer-oriented, high-quality stability, and continuous improvement", continuously strengthening management system construction, and has passed management system certifications such as ISO9001、ISO14001、TL9000、IATF16949、ISO45001, etc., meeting the comprehensive needs of industries such as industry, scientific research, automotive, communication, and medical for product quality and service assurance, Better create greater value for customers.


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