DOGAIN| Authorized Invention Patents Exceeding 100 Cases, Taking Intellectual Property Management to a New Level

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2024-02-01 16:10

Recently, Dogain has made significant progress in the field of intellectual property, with a cumulative number of invention patent authorizations exceeding 100, reaching 101. With the strong support of the China (Suzhou) Intellectual Property Protection Center, in just three years, a significant breakthrough has been achieved in granting invention patents from "0" to "100".



The company has always attached great importance to technological innovation, actively updated and improved its intellectual property work path, built an independent innovation platform, and continuously improved the innovation and quality of invention patents. It has been selected as a high-value patent cultivation project in Suzhou.



As a national high-tech enterprise and a specialized and innovative small giant enterprise, Dogain has always regarded intellectual property work as an important component of enterprise management. The company always adheres to high standards and strict requirements, and is committed to establishing a sound intellectual property management system. By continuously optimizing and improving the intellectual property management system, strengthening the application, review, and protection of intellectual property, and continuously enhancing technological strength and innovation capabilities.

In 2023, the intellectual property work of Dogain has achieved remarkable results, laying a solid foundation for the company's sustainable development. In the future, the company will continue to adhere to the intellectual property policy of "technology innovation leads the future, and intellectual property creates wealth", increase investment in technology research and development, further strengthen the creation, protection, application, and management of intellectual property, and continuously enhance the company's competitiveness and influence in the industry.


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