The double junction of the semiconductor laser chip exceeded 110W, and the single junction exceeded 74W! Photonics West 2024 Releases Latest Results!

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2024-01-31 13:47


On January 29, 2024, at the Photonics West 2024 conference in San Francisco, DoGain released the latest progress in 915nm high-power and high-efficiency semiconductor lasers, achieving a power output of up to 110W for a single-tube device for the first time!



With the vigorous development of the industrial processing market, the power, efficiency and brightness of semiconductor laser chips are facing new challenges, and the improvement of the performance of laser chips in any aspect will play a huge role in promoting laser applications. Dogain has been deeply engaged in the field of laser chips for many years, and has developed and mass-produced many chip series, and its products have been in a leading position in the industry. Through in-depth research on basic physics, materials science, chip design and device fabrication process, the core optimizes the internal quantum efficiency, the optical loss in the cavity and the high load capacity of the cavity surface, and successfully achieves a significant increase in output power and electro-optical conversion efficiency.

The newly developed 915nm 500um strip width single-tube double-junction laser chip achieves a breakthrough of 110W high output power under the premise of extremely high wall-plug conversion efficiency and under the continuous working conditions of room temperature and 55A, which is the industry-leading level!

Figure 1. 9xxnm Double-Junction Diode Laser Chip Characteristic Curve (CW)

The technological breakthrough of the double-junction laser chip is based on the mass-produced single-junction 9xx nm chip technology, and the 915nm 320um strip width single-tube laser chip that is now popular in the industry can reliably output 45W power under continuous working conditions at room temperature, with an electro-optical conversion efficiency of more than 65%; The output power of the 500um strip width single junction chip reaches 74W under continuous working conditions!

Figure 2. 9xxnm Single-Junction Diode Laser Chip Characteristic Curve (CW)

The successful research and development of this series of high-power and high-efficiency new products fully demonstrates the enterprise spirit of Dogain's insistence on leading technology and unremitting progress, and Dogain will continue to focus on the core optoelectronic field, improve the performance and reliability of products, and continue to provide customers with better products.


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