The performance of the implementation of the standard of intellectual property management of Dogain has been evaluated by the provincial bureau

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2024-01-09 10:04

Recently, the Office of Jiangsu Provincial Intellectual Property Office announced the "Notice on Announcing the List of Qualified Units for the Second Batch of Enterprise Intellectual Property Management Implementation Performance Evaluation in 2023". After the on-site audit and acceptance of the Jiangsu Provincial Intellectual Property Office, Dogain Optoelectronic Technology(suzhou)Co., Ltd. was successfully awarded the 2023 Enterprise Intellectual Property Management Standard Implementation Performance Evaluation Qualified Unit!



The performance evaluation of intellectual property standard implementation is a work measure taken by the intellectual property management department of Jiangsu Province to promote and guide enterprises to implement standards and test the actual results of standard implementation, aiming to encourage enterprises to establish and improve the intellectual property management system, improve the level of intellectual property management, and enhance the ability of independent innovation.

For a long time, Dogain has established a sound and efficient intellectual property management system with the support of scientific and technological innovation and management innovation, formed a scientific and efficient intellectual property working mechanism through the effective use of the intellectual property innovation system, and incorporated the creation, application, protection and management of intellectual property into the whole process of technology research and development, product design and marketing. In the actual operation of the enterprise's intellectual property management system, the intellectual property management system has been innovated in terms of resource management, basic management, implementation and operation, etc., effectively standardizing the management of intellectual property resources involved in the process of R&D, production and operation, covering key links such as patent application and protection, and ensuring the standardization and scientificization of intellectual property management. Up to now, the company has obtained a total of 226 authorized patents, including 98 invention patents, which has laid a solid foundation for the construction of the company's independent innovation intellectual property protection system.

The establishment of the intellectual property standard implementation system is an important part of enterprise management. This time, Dogain was awarded the qualified unit of provincial intellectual property standard implementation performance evaluation, which is a high recognition of Dogain's scientific and technological innovation ability and intellectual property management work. In the next step, our company will continue to deepen the management of intellectual property rights, strengthen the capacity building of independent innovation, firmly implement the national strategy of strengthening enterprises with intellectual property rights, accelerate the pace of transformation of scientific and technological achievements, give full play to the role of intellectual property rights in promoting the development of enterprises, and contribute to the high-quality development of the industry.


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