Dogain was selected as a high-value patent cultivation plan project in Suzhou

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2023-12-28 09:29

Recently, the Suzhou Municipal Administration for Market Regulation announced the evaluation results of the 2023 Suzhou Intellectual Property Plan Project, and the "High Brightness and High Reliability Semiconductor Laser High-Value Patent Cultivation Program Project" of Dogain was approved as the Suzhou High-value Patent Cultivation Program Project.


Guided by the cultivation of high-value patents and with the goal of promoting high-quality development, this project will deeply implement the project of allocating intellectual property elements, explore the integrated development mechanism of high-value patents and standards, promote the comprehensive use of intellectual property rights by enterprises, and promote the standardization of patents, the industrialization of standards, and the maximization of the value of essential patents.


As an enterprise that has always taken the design and manufacture of high-end laser chips as its core competitiveness, Dogain is well aware of the key role of patent cultivation in the development of enterprises, and since the establishment of the company, it has always regarded patent cultivation as an important part of the long-term development of enterprises, and actively promoted patent cultivation through a variety of ways to provide a solid foundation for the innovation and development of enterprises. Up to now, the company has obtained 224 authorized patents, including 96 invention authorizations, and the number of patents authorized has grown steadily, providing strong support for the company's overall high-quality development.


The approval of this project is a recognition of the intellectual property work of Dogain and an affirmation of its technical strength and innovation ability. We will take this opportunity to continue to uphold the innovation-driven development concept, continuously strengthen the creation, protection and application of patents, promote the deep integration of intellectual property rights and industry, and continuously promote the collaborative innovation and development of the laser chip industry.


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