The core of Xingyao won two industry awards of China Laser Xingrui Award

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2023-11-30 17:41

On November 28, the "2023 China Laser Xingrui Enterprise Summit and Advanced Laser Processing Technology Summit Forum" and the "China Laser Xingrui Award" award ceremony were held at the same time in Wuhan Optics Valley. Dogain was invited to participate in and won the "Best Growth Enterprise Award in the Laser Industry" and the "China Laser Xingrui Award - Best Semiconductor Laser Technology Innovation Award".



"Laser Xingrui Award" is an award participated in by the Hubei Optical Society, the Laser Home and the Shandong Laser Equipment Innovation and Entrepreneurship Community and other relevant units, as well as a number of domestic laser industry associations, laser societies, laser industry alliances and other professional institutions.



The award-winning "high-power semiconductor laser chip" products have the characteristics of high power, high efficiency, high brightness, high temperature characteristics, high wavelength consistency, narrow spectral width, and high reliability, and are widely used in fiber/solid-state laser pump sources and direct semiconductor laser systems. Based on high-efficiency, high-power, and high-reliability chip technology, the 9xxnm high-power semiconductor laser chip products developed cover dozens of products in single tube and bar.

915nm and 976nm single-tube products are mainly used in ytterbium-doped fiber laser pumping, and the 976nm single-tube chip with core core has the advantages of narrow spectrum and good wavelength consistency, and has become the core supplier of mainstream fiber laser manufacturers. In addition to pumping applications, 915nm and 976nm bar products are also widely used in laser processing fields such as heat treatment and cladding.



As a manufacturer of high-end semiconductor laser chips and modules, Dogain has an IDM full-process mass production platform, a full range of core products and completely independent intellectual property rights, and always adheres to the design and manufacturing of high-end laser chips as its core competitiveness, and continuously improves product quality and service level through technological innovation.

This time, it was rated as the "Best Growth Enterprise in the Laser Industry", which is the recognition and affirmation of the rapid development of Dugan Core, and fully demonstrates the development and progress of Diga Core in the field of semiconductor laser technology. In the future, Dugan Core will always adhere to technology leadership, continue to innovate, realize the dual drive of innovation and development, and help the high-quality development of China's laser industry.

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