Dogain VCSEL product - Dongfanghong has passed AEC-Q102 automotive qualification

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2023-11-28 16:00

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After months of rigorous testing and auditing, on November 20, 2023, Dugan core VCSEL chip series products - Dongfanghong successfully passed the AEC-Q102 automotive certification. At the same time, Du Gen Tianyuan Company also passed the IATF16949 quality system certification this month. AEC-Q102 automotive-grade product qualification and IATF16949 quality system qualification are two passports to enter the automotive electronics industry. In this regard, the core core will accelerate the focus on the layout of the automotive industry.



Dogain products have passed the AEC-Q102 automotive qualification report

AEC-Q is an automotive standard officially released by the Automotive Electronics Council (AEC), which is an internationally accepted product verification standard for automotive components. Compared with other traditional VCSEL chips, the optical uniformity and light efficiency are better, the light field has no central dark spot, and the PCE is as high as 44%. It is mainly used in automotive night vision systems, DMS (driver fatigue driving monitoring), OMS (passenger monitoring), in-car gesture recognition and other scenarios.


Figure 1: Photoelectric conversion curve


Figure 2: Chip far-field diagram - energy Gaussian distribution


Figure 3: Degree VCSEL module product diagram


The module size of the high-power VCSEL is 2.5*3.2*1.72mm, and can provide a variety of angle options: 40*30, 50*35, 60*45, 72*58, 90*70, 110*45, 100*90, 120*90, and can also provide customers with optical customization, including but not limited to FOV and uniformity requirements. You are welcome to apply for a sample test.


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