Innovation Breakthrough|DoGain launched a new extremely low threshold, high efficiency 980nm single-mode semiconductor laser pump module

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2023-10-09 10:06

Recently, based on the self-developed single-mode low-threshold chip, Dogain Optoelectronic Technology(suzhou)Co., Ltd. has successfully developed a new single-mode extremely low-threshold high-efficiency 980nm single-mode semiconductor pump module product, the threshold current of the product is less than 36mA, the working current of 200mW optical fiber output is less than 300mA, and the electro-optical conversion efficiency is as high as 44%, while having high performance and high reliability, it is an ideal choice for low-threshold and low-power applications such as high-stability EDFA pump source, lidar and fiber optic gyroscope.


App background

All-optical network is the basis of large-capacity optical communication, and erbium-doped fiber amplifier can directly amplify optical signals, which is a key component to realize all-optical network. Because the erbium ions in erbium-doped fiber have high absorption efficiency in the 980nm band, and the single-mode 980nm semiconductor laser can efficiently pump the optical signal in the 1.55μm communication band, providing an ideal and simple relay signal amplification scheme for the long-distance optical fiber communication system, so as to achieve large-capacity, long-distance optical signal transmission, the 980nm pump module is the core component of EDFA. In addition, the 980 pump has extremely important applications in satellite laser and space communications, fiber optic gyroscopes, ultrafast laser pump sources, lidar, and 3D perception.


Performance characteristics and advantages

1. Low threshold

The new design of independent chip effectively reduces the threshold current of the laser chip; Through the highly coupled packaging technology, the threshold current of the optical fiber pump source module is less than 36mA.

2. High efficiency

When the chip output power is 300mW, the electro-optical conversion efficiency is as high as 60%, and the electro-optical conversion efficiency of the fiber-coupled module is as high as 44%. The module has an output power of more than 50mW at 100mA drive current. At 200mW power output, the operating current is less than 300mA.

3. Long life

The module has accelerated aging for 12,000 hours at high temperature and high current, and has passed the strict Telcordia GR-468-CORE standard. 


(a) Chip characteristic curve

(b) Module characteristic curve


Figure 2 Spectrograms of different drive currents of module products


Product family formed (HS00)

Output power: 100~300mW

Center wavelength: 974~977nm (or customer-specific) 



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