2023 "Quality Year"|World-class standards, zero defect management, implementation in place, clear rewards and punishments!

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2023-09-22 09:49

In order to further cultivate the company's quality culture, improve the quality awareness of all employees, improve product quality, and then strengthen the company's brand image in the industry, the 2023 "Year of Quality" activities will be fully opened.

The overall implementation plan of the quality year activities is based on the concept of "world-class standards, zero defect management, implementation in place, and clear rewards and punishments". A series of themed activities were planned and carried out around "improving quality, increasing efficiency, and strengthening brand", including the kick-off conference of the quality year aimed at full participation, the quality awareness survey of all employees, the monthly quality training, the quality poster design competition, etc., and vigorously created a good atmosphere of "everyone participates in quality, everyone attaches importance to quality, everyone is responsible for quality, and everyone is a quality worker". Actively guide all employees, the whole process and all-round quality improvement to promote the construction of advanced chip and device manufacturing bases with high standards and strict requirements.


【Quality Year】CEO speech at the kick-off meeting


All business units and branches take action【Quality Year】Kick-off meeting photo

Publicize and mobilize and raise awareness

In order to cultivate a team of quality experts and management teams with strong ability, high level and excellent quality, the company has carried out quality awareness research and quality awareness training for all employees. In order to create a strong atmosphere of "quality year" activities, the company adopts electronic manuscripts, physical signage, video playback and other methods to arrange quality propaganda slogans in production workshops, office areas, conference rooms and other prominent positions, vigorously publicize the correct quality concept, and subtly enhance the quality awareness of employees.


Full participation, "quality" in action 

In order to maximize the enthusiasm of all employees to participate in the improvement of quality management, widely mobilize all employees, from the Suzhou factory of Duqian headquarters to the Duqian Nantong factory and Duqian Tianyuan factory, around the quality policy of "quality first, customer-oriented, high-quality and stable, continuous improvement", organize and carry out mass activities such as quality professional knowledge training, quality poster design competition, QCC, quality knowledge competition, etc., stimulate employees' enthusiasm for quality, and create an atmosphere of "everyone cares about quality and everyone creates quality".


"Quality" wisdom struggle, "quantity" out of style

A few days ago, the company successfully held the "Quality Poster Design Competition", from the Suzhou factory of Duqian headquarters to the front-line employees of Duqian Nantong and Duqian Tianyuan, actively participated, and collected a total of 162 entries. The design content covers quality management, production management, industry knowledge, product knowledge, company quality management system and other aspects. The company follows the principles of fairness, impartiality and openness, and organizes a total of five rounds of all-staff voting to select the entries. The special prize, the first, second and third prizes, the popularity award and the excellence award were selected, and a total of 91 works were awarded, with a total prize of more than 20,000 yuan. At the award ceremony of the recent poster design competition, the winning employees and employee representatives shared the design concept of the winning works, as well as their perceptions and experiences on quality. The company's chairman, CTO, president and other important leaders attended and solemnly commended the award-winning employees, and presented award certificates and bonuses on the spot.


Live review of the event

Representatives of excellent and popular works


List of works with special prizes, first, second and third prizes


"Quality" is endless, and "quality" is imperative

With the perfect conclusion of the "Quality Poster Design Competition" in September, the 2023 Quality Year activities have also been further rooted in the hearts of the people! The coverage includes: all employees of the Suzhou factory of the Duqi headquarters, the Nantong factory and the Duqi Tianyuan factory. The company has organized and planned 30+ trainings and activities, 4500+ people participated, covering project quality, process quality, product quality, customer quality, supplier quality and quality system and other characteristic topics, activities from the strengthening of independent quality management awareness, improve independent quality management capabilities, implementation of independent quality management actions from multiple dimensions, enhance the quality awareness of employees, improve the skill level, promote the company's quality management level to a new level. With the company's careful organization and the strong support of all personnel, the series of activities of the "Year of Quality" in 2023 have achieved good results and will continue to be carried out.


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