Dogain has launched a new generation of high-reliability lock-wave solid-state laser pump source

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2023-09-21 09:53

Recently, Dogain officially launched the newly developed 500W series of lock wave products, forming a full series of 10W-500W 878.6nm, 885nm, 888nm lock pump fiber coupling module, helping to further improve the performance of high-power solid-state lasers. The product has the characteristics of strong environmental adaptability, high electro-optical conversion efficiency and long life.


Figure 1. Product outline drawing


Product Introduction

In recent years, with the improvement of semiconductor laser technology and the significant improvement of semiconductor laser device performance, high-power all-solid-state lasers have developed rapidly, especially in terms of output power and beam quality, semiconductor lasers with high conversion efficiency, small size, light weight, high reliability, long coverage band, etc., is the core component of fiber lasers, solid-state lasers and other optical pump lasers. However, the wavelength of semiconductor laser will drift due to the change of operating temperature and operating current, and the natural spectral linewidth of the semiconductor laser itself is wide, and its spectral characteristics lead to low absorption rate of solid-state laser, which greatly affects the electro-optical conversion efficiency, stability and reliability of solid-state laser.

The core continues to innovate and improve, on the basis of the current VBG products, further improved, the latest launch of 500W lock pump source. The product adopts a new generation of self-developed high-performance single-tube chip, combined with advanced coupling and locking technology, and realizes 200um fiber greater than 500W laser output under rated current. The electro-optical efficiency of the product is greater than 52%, the center wavelength is 878.6nm±0.5nm, the spectral width is less than 0.5nm, with strong environmental adaptability, high electro-optical conversion efficiency, high reliability and other characteristics, in laser processing, medical and scientific research and other fields play an important role, its compact packaging design, customer products miniaturization provides strong support.


Figure 2. Typical photoelectric characteristics of a 500W lock wave product


Product features

◆ High reliability and long life

The core adopts self-developed 878nm~888nm high-power chip with high damage resistance threshold, and the comprehensive optimization of module design and process has achieved significant advantages such as high reliability and long life.

◆ High lock wave performance

Duqi Core has developed a chip suitable for external cavity lock wave and unique VBG lock wave control technology, which ensures a wide range of current and temperature lock wavelength range, can achieve wave lock in a wide temperature range of 30°C, and at the same time achieve full working current range lock wave under 25°C cooling and temperature control.


Figure 3. The lock current range is 3A~25A under the condition of 25°C temperature control


Figure 4. Under the rated operating current output conditions, the lock temperature range is 15 °C ~ 40 °C


◆ High spot uniformity

Using the LD luminescence characteristics, the core core designs a special coupled optical path to achieve a pump module with high spot uniformity, which is an ideal pump light source for high-power solid-state lasers.

◆ High electro-optical conversion efficiency

The product is highly efficient and energy-saving, and when the module is fully power output, the electro-optical efficiency ≥ 52% @500W, which provides a solution to the problem of large power consumption of portable lasers in the client.


The formed series of products

Guided by market development, driven by application needs, we have deeply cultivated the market, continued to innovate, and launched a series of semiconductor lasers with high efficiency, high brightness, lightweight, small volume and wide temperature lock. At present, the wavelength of solid-state laser pump module on sale includes 878.6nm, 885nm, 888nm, etc., and the power covers 10W~500W; Diversified product specifications, a variety of optical fiber core diameters are optional; We can provide customized solutions according to customer needs, quickly respond to the application needs of different end customers, and help customers win the market.


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