Dogain appeared at the Munich Light Expo in Germany!

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2023-07-03 13:54

From June 27 to 30, 2023, the 26th Munich Optoelectronics Expo, which attracted the attention of the global optoelectronic industry, was grandly held at the New International Expo Center in Munich, Germany.

Dogain Optoelectronic Technology(suzhou)Co., Ltd. brought five product series (high-power chips, fiber-coupled modules, VCSELs, array lasers, 980nm single-mode pump modules) to the expo.

With the theme of "building an international leading semiconductor laser enterprise", with the purpose of supplying the world's advanced semiconductor laser chips and laser modules, and aiming to become the world's leading semiconductor laser R&D center and manufacturing center, Duqi Core has shown the brand image of "professional trust and international quality".



Attracting attention and shining overseas

"Muzhi direction, chasing the light forward", Du Qian core appeared in the exhibition, fully demonstrated the company's innovative technology and comprehensive strength in laser chips, packaging devices, during the exhibition, Du Qian related series of products, attracted many professionals in the industry to visit and consult, by the international customers and guests widely favored, and experts from all over the world, industry partners conducted in-depth exchanges, together with the future "core" development, in the international stage fully demonstrated China's "core" power.



Seek common development and create a "core" future

As a professional manufacturer of high-end semiconductor laser chips and modules, Dogain has a full set of engineering and manufacturing capabilities covering compound semiconductor laser chip design, epitaxial growth, device technology, chip packaging, test and characterization, reliability verification and functional modules, and has realized "full independent intellectual property rights + full series of core products + IDM full-process process platform".

Dogain grasps the development opportunities of the laser industry, based on China, lays out the world, actively lays out the domestic and foreign markets, and has set up 4 regional marketing centers and international business departments in Beijing, Wuhan, Shenzhen and Xi'an, and the marketing service network covers many regions at home and abroad.

This exhibition is the focus of Dogain to accelerate its global layout and develop overseas markets. In the future, Dogain will continue to participate in more international industry activities, create high-quality, high-performance and high-reliability products for global customers, lead the development of industry technology, and contribute more wisdom and strength to the development of the laser industry.


About Us

With the design and manufacture of high-end laser chips as its core competitiveness, focusing on the upstream of the optoelectronic industry chain, it has a full set of engineering and technical capabilities and mass production and manufacturing capabilities covering compound semiconductor laser chip design, epitaxial growth, device technology, chip packaging, test characterization, reliability verification and functional modules, focusing on the design, research and development and manufacturing of high-performance, high-power, high-reliability optoelectronic chips and devices, and its products are widely used in industrial processing, intelligent perception, optical communication, medical cosmetology and scientific research and other fields. Committed to building a product R&D center and manufacturer with international industry status.


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