Innovation and breakthrough|Single-mode technology leads the successful launch of 1064nm broad spectrum module products

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2023-06-26 15:23

Based on the self-developed single-mode 1064nm chip, Dogain has successfully developed single-mode 1064nm broad-spectrum fiber module products, which realizes the wide-spectrum adjustment technology with its unique design, and has high performance and high reliability, which is an ideal choice for MOPA laser seed source.


Application Background

MOPA (Master Oscillator Power Amplifier) fiber laser system is a laser structure cascaded by main oscillator and power amplifier, MOPA pulsed fiber laser has a wider range of application scenarios than fixed pulse pulse fiber laser, can maintain good beam output quality on the basis of achieving high power output, and easy to achieve tunable and modularable laser output, It is widely used in various precision machining fields with high requirements for precision.


In order to meet the market demand, Dogain successfully launched a broad-spectrum module product with a luminescent wavelength of 1064nm, which has been highly recognized by customers as a seed source for MOPA laser systems, showing high-performance stability and high long-term reliability at customers.


Development Results

Based on the development of 980nm single-mode high-power laser chip based on communication grade, according to the characteristics of 1064nm wavelength and special spectral requirements, through in-depth research on chip design, material growth, device technology, and module, high-power single-mode chip has been successfully developed, and the spectral width range is controllable. Single-mode fiber laser seed source products achieve high performance, the spectrum of 3dB bandwidth 15nm-60nm can be customized and adjusted, fast delivery and personalized customization, to meet the needs of different customers, the product has a strong competitive advantage.


The Product Range Formed

Center wavelength: 1020-1080nm

Spectral width: 15-60nm

Output power: 200-600mW@CW





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