Dogain won two industry-leading awards, the Ringier Technology Innovation Award and the Innovation Team of the Year Award

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2023-06-15 11:35

On April 26, the 2023 Laser Processing Industry-Ringier Technology Innovation Award Ceremony and Laser Processing and Additive Manufacturing Technology Forum were held in Shanghai.The "high-power single-mode 980nm semiconductor laser chip" won the "Ringier Technology Innovation Award" and "Annual Innovation Team Award".



Sponsored by Ringier Industrial Media, a well-known domestic information media, the Ringier Technology Innovation Award has attracted widespread attention from the industry for its fair and objective selection process, and has become the most professional and influential industry selection in the field of industrial manufacturing. Every year, the award is awarded to outstanding innovation pioneers in the industry, so as to recognize innovative products and technologies with outstanding contributions in the industry, encourage more enterprises to invest in technological innovation, so as to improve productivity and economic benefits, and is the most international and professional industrial industry technology innovation award in China.



Zhang Tong, deputy general manager of Dogain Communication Business Unit, was invited to deliver a speech report "Single-mode Semiconductor Laser Chip and Pump Module Market and Application Analysis" at the award party. Through three years of technical research, Dogain has broken through the key technical bottleneck that limits high-power single-mode semiconductor laser chips and modules, realized the high-power stable output of single-base transverse mode, and obtained high-reliability work under high current density and high power density, and the module successfully realized spectral stable locking with wide temperature range and full current and large dynamic range. As the core and heart of erbium-doped fiber amplifier EDFA, single-mode 980nm laser diode chip and pump module are the key components to realize all-optical networks. In addition, it has extremely important applications in CATV, lidar, satellite communications, submarine communications, fiber optic gyroscopes, ultrafast laser seeders and other fields.



The development and breakthrough of this communication product has greatly promoted the company's development of high-power industrial applications, and successfully developed high-power series chip products with many wavelengths such as 792, 808, 880, 915, 940, 976, 1064nm, etc., and has become a global partner of well-known fiber lasers and all-solid-state laser users at home and abroad.



The awarding of the "Ringier Technology Innovation Award" and "Annual Innovation Team Award" is a high recognition and affirmation of the innovation of core technology and product innovation, as well as the courage of the innovation team to challenge and work hard to overcome the bottleneck. This also proves the leading position and innovation ability of Duqi Core in laser chip design and manufacturing, as well as the company's achievements in talent training and team building.


As a high-tech enterprise focusing on the design and manufacture of high-end laser chips, Dogain pays attention to industrial technology innovation and talent training, implements the dual driving development strategy of technology and market, is committed to providing customers with high-quality products and services, and moves towards a higher localization market share to help improve China's "core" hard power.


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