Good news! Dogain was rated as an advantageous enterprise in Suzhou Intellectual Property Cultivation Project

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2023-06-15 11:36

Recently, Suzhou Intellectual Property Strong Enterprise Cultivation Project announced the second batch of selected enterprises, and Dogain was awarded the "Second Batch of Advantageous Enterprises of Suzhou Intellectual Property Strong Enterprise Cultivation Project".


It is reported that the goal of the Suzhou Intellectual Property Strong Enterprise Cultivation Project is to cultivate a group of intellectual property enterprises with innovative ability, intellectual property advantages and strong market competitiveness, and accelerate the construction of an internationally competitive intellectual property strategic new city.


As a high-tech enterprise, Dogain has been adhering to the concept of technological innovation since its establishment, and the award of this honor is a high recognition of the government's intellectual property work, marking that Dogain has reached a new stage in the management and construction of intellectual property rights.




As an enterprise that always takes the design and manufacture of high-end laser chips as its core competitiveness, Dogain Optoelectronics Technology (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. has always regarded intellectual property construction as an important part of the long-term development of enterprises, and actively carries out intellectual property construction work in a variety of ways to provide a solid foundation for the innovation and development of enterprises.


Up to now, Dogain  has obtained 189 authorized patents, including 77 invention authorizations, and the number of patents authorized has grown steadily, providing strong support for the company's overall high-quality development. In the future, Dogain will continue to strengthen the construction of intellectual property rights, innovate technology development, improve the core competitiveness of enterprises, accelerate the transformation of technological innovation achievements, and comprehensively promote the innovation and development of national intellectual property construction.


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With the design and manufacture of high-end laser chips as its core competitiveness, focusing on the upstream of the optoelectronic industry chain, it has a full set of engineering and technical capabilities and mass production and manufacturing capabilities covering compound semiconductor laser chip design, epitaxial growth, device technology, chip packaging, test characterization, reliability verification and functional modules, focusing on the design, research and development and manufacturing of high-performance, high-power, high-reliability optoelectronic chips and devices, and its products are widely used in industrial processing, intelligent perception, optical communication, medical cosmetology and scientific research. Committed to building a product R&D center and manufacturer with international industry status.



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