High-reliability, long-life semiconductor lasers - Dogain helps Chinese medical aesthetic instruments enhance their international competitiveness

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2023-06-15 11:45

Three years of epidemic haze has passed, CIBE Beauty Expo (Guangzhou), which is the vane of the medical beauty industry, and Bologna International Beauty Exhibition in Italy both ended perfectly in March. More and more professional visitors and industry insiders focus on beauty equipment, injecting new momentum into product innovation in the beauty equipment industry. In the post-epidemic era, the medical beauty industry has shown a rapid development trend, the "beauty economy" has broken out, and "beauty" has gradually become synonymous with productivity, becoming a kind of mass fashion consumption, and increasingly penetrating into people's daily lives.



Laser hair removal is based on the principle of selective photothermodynamics, by reasonably adjusting the laser wavelength, energy and pulse width, the laser can pass through the surface of the skin to reach the root hair follicle of the hair, and the light energy is absorbed and converted into heat energy that destroys the hair follicle tissue, so that the hair loses its ability to regenerate. For laser hair removal applications, higher energy density leads to better treatment results; The peak power is related to the cost, the higher the peak power, the higher the cost of the corresponding laser; The spot area is related to the treatment efficiency, for smaller treatment areas such as armpit and lip area, the output of a smaller spot area will not bring low treatment efficiency, but for large treatment areas such as legs and back, the larger the spot area, the treatment efficiency will be significantly improved; Pulse width is related to comfort as well as results, the shorter the pulse width, the more comfortable the treatment process and the better the treatment outcome. It is this increasing demand for the terminal experience that has promoted the transformation of the instrument design concept of beauty equipment manufacturers, and has also formed a new trend in laser hair removal technology.



Suzhou Dogain Optoelectronic Devices Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Duqian Optoelectronics), a subsidiary of Dogain Optoelectronics Technology (Suzhou) Co., Ltd., is committed to providing medical beauty customers with semiconductor lasers for hair removal applications with higher power and more reliable quality, with wavelengths covering 755/780/808/940/1064nm, and single bar power 50W/100W/120W/200W optional.


Advantages of professional-grade hair removal lasers

1. High reliability, long life

"High effective energy" - hair removal is more effective, more energy is injected into the skin and acts on hair follicles per unit time, and the photoelectric hair removal laser is under working conditions of 30ms, 10hz, 100A@25°C: the number of long-term aging pulses of 1600W products exceeds 140 million times, the power attenuation is <5%, and the current product continues to age;


The number of long-term aging pulses of 1000W products exceeds 200 million times, and the power attenuation is <5%, and the current product continues to age.


2. High power, high energy output

"High peak power + narrow pulse width" - hair removal is more comfortable/effective, peak power and pulse width are further optimized, the highest peak power is 2400W (single bar 120W, 200W can be customized), single pulse energy up to 240J@100ms, to achieve narrow pulse width, high frequency, high energy density uniform spot output, under a specific spot area has a better treatment effect, for users to bring more comfortable hair removal experience.


3. Small and lightweight design

Compared with semiconductor lasers of the same power on the market, the size is smaller and the weight is reduced by about 46%, helping customers greatly reduce the size of hair removal tools, and truly realize a small and lightweight design.


Based on the current market and new trends in technology, Dogain Optoelectronics series of professional-grade hair removal high-power semiconductor lasers integrate high-reliability gold-tin packaging process, heat dissipation structure and micro-optical design, which has achieved a significant increase in effective energy and peak power, achieved the exquisite integration of powerful performance and lightweight size, large-scale production, product performance and quality have been trusted by customers for a long time, and are highly recognized by mainstream medical beauty equipment manufacturers in the industry.


Dogain Optoelectronics can provide customized solutions according to customer needs, and quickly respond to the application needs of different end customers by adjusting indicators such as power, wavelength, layout size and package design, helping customers win the market.


Nowadays, the medical beauty industry has come to the era of comprehensive fruition of scientific and technological skin care, Dogain will always adhere to the high-quality development route, and create a "core" for global medical beauty with the power of science and technology!


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