940nm high temperature resistant 105°C chip for automotive lidar and fiber-coupled pump module

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2023-06-15 11:47

Dogain  has successfully developed 940nm high-temperature resistant semiconductor laser chip and fiber-coupled pump module for automotive lidar, and passed strict performance and reliability tests, and officially launched the 940nm fiber-coupled pump module that meets the requirements of automotive regulations with the advantages of small size, high anti-reflection, high temperature resistance and low temperature resistance.



In terms of the selection of the working wavelength of vehicle-mounted lidar, compared with wavelengths such as 905nm, the human eye safety threshold of 1550 nm wavelength is higher, and higher laser power can be emitted to achieve higher ranging sensitivity; And this wavelength is far away from the sun's infrared background light, so it has high anti-interference ability and can achieve longer-distance sensing detection. As a lidar light source, 1550 nm fiber laser has gradually become one of the important technical solutions of lidar such as unmanned driving, vehicle safety warning, ranging, and wind measurement, and is currently a technical hotspot in the field of lidar.


At present, the scheme of 940nm fiber coupling module to pump 1550nm fiber laser is the main technical way to realize 1550nm lidar applications, which can fully meet the requirements of lidar for high peak power, short pulse and high beam quality.


Technical difficulties

Extremely high temperature operating requirements of the chip:

The 940nm semiconductor laser chip requires excellent temperature characteristics, which can achieve high power, stable and reliable work ≥ 105°C high temperature environment;


Automotive-grade reliability:

Meet the performance and safety requirements of sensing components in automotive regulations, and have extremely high requirements for product design and technology;


Harsh environmental adaptability:

Due to the complexity of the automotive environment, the product needs to work stably in harsh vibration and impact, high and low temperature environments.


Development results

Based on the chip R&D and production platform of the whole chain of the core, we have successfully developed high-performance 940nm semiconductor laser chips around the difficult problems of performance and reliability. And according to the requirements of automotive-grade applications, the design of the fiber coupling module is optimized, and the output power of 12A is greater than 12W at 25°C, and the electro-optical conversion efficiency of the coupling module is as high as 60% under 10W power, and the power output above 7W can still be stably achieved under the environmental conditions of extremely high temperature 105°C.



In terms of reliability, the laser pump module has passed the mechanical vibration test of 20G acceleration and 20-2000HZ frequency, and has passed the mechanical shock test of 500G acceleration, and there is no loosening and deformation of the module after the test, and the average IOP change of the working current before and after the vibration shock is only 1.2%, which fully meets the reliability needs of the application.


In terms of environmental adaptability, the pump module has good high temperature resistance and low temperature resistance. In the 500 high and low temperature cycle tests from -40°C to 110°C, the average rate of change of operating current IOP was -0.2%. The wavelengths tested by the module at extreme temperatures of -60°C and 105°C are 915.3nm and 972.6nm, respectively, which are completely within the active fiber ion absorption window of the 1550nm lidar system, which can ensure the normal operation of the lidar system in the harsh environment of a wide temperature range and have strong temperature applicability.



In response to the demand for 940nm pump modules for automotive-grade 1550nm lidar applications, Dogain has independently developed high-performance and high-reliability 940nm semiconductor laser chips and fiber-coupled modules. At 25°C, the output power of the module is higher than 12W at 12A, and the output power of the module is higher than 7W at 105°C ambient temperature, and the indicators of the product meet the requirements of automotive-level applications. In addition, Dogain  has established a sound quality management system in process control and reliability verification, and has the mass production and supply capacity of automotive-grade 940nm pump modules.


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