Dogain core won the "2022 China's Top Ten Optical Industry Technology" award

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2023-06-15 14:17

Chase dreams with "light" and create a "core" future. On February 24, the 2022 "China's Top Ten Optical Industry Technology" annual selection ceremony and online press conference hosted by Optoelectronics Exchange were grandly held. The "communication-grade high-power single-mode 980nm semiconductor laser chip and pump module" product stood out from 113 technologies and was selected as China's top ten optical (laser) industry technologies in 2022, and was invited to attend the "China's Top Ten Optical Industry Technology Award Ceremony and Report Meeting" by Optoelectronics Exchange.



Dr. Tang Song, R&D Manager of the Optical Communication Device Division of Dogain Core, attended the online report meeting and made a wonderful report on the winning products. The report shares the research background, application fields and key technological breakthroughs and industrialization applications of our achievements of "communication-grade high-power single-mode 980nm semiconductor laser chip and pump module".



Single-mode 980nm semiconductor laser pump module


HS02 series single-mode 980nm semiconductor laser pump module adopts self-developed high-performance, high-reliability chip, adopts low-stress, high-gas-tight 14pin butterfly package form, and the stable output power of optical fiber is >1000mW. And after strict performance and reliability assessment, to ensure the excellent performance and reliability of the pump laser module.


Product family


Product features

  • Using DoGain's self-developed chip 
  • Low stress 14pin butterfly package 
  • The maximum output power is 1100mW kink-free 
  • Operating temperature range -20°C to 75°C 
  • High efficiency TEC temperature control (TS =25°C) 
  • High stability fiber Bragg grating lock wave (FBG) 
  • Unique coupling packaging technology, high efficiency, high stability 
  • Optional single-mode fiber/polarization maintaining fiber/FC/PC connector 
  • Reliability meets Telcordia GR-468-CORE standards


Product application 

  • Low noise EDFAs 
  • Ultrafast laser pump source 
  • ASE light source pump source 
  • Multi-stage DWDM systems (EDFAs) 
  • CATV


Innovation is boundless, science and technology create the future. Winning the "2022 China's Top Ten Optical Industry Technologies" is the industry's affirmation of the technical strength of Duqi core, and it is also a high recognition of our innovative achievements, and Duqian core will always adhere to the design and manufacturing of high-end laser chips as the core competitiveness through technological innovation to help improve China's "core" hard power.


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