Name Change Notice

Release time:

2023-06-15 13:03

Climb high and look far to find a new situation, and start a new journey down-to-earth. In order to better clarify the company's core business and meet the needs of the company's strategic development, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Company Law of the People's Republic of China, with the approval of the Suzhou Market Supervision Administration, "Dogain Laser Technology (Suzhou) Co., Ltd." was officially changed to "Dogain Core Optoelectronic Technology (Suzhou) Co., Ltd." from now on.


As an IDM optoelectronic enterprise with the design and manufacture of high-end laser chips as its core competitiveness, Dogain Core focuses on the upstream of the optoelectronic industry chain, and has a full set of engineering and technical capabilities and mass production and manufacturing capabilities covering compound semiconductor laser chip design, epitaxial growth, device technology, chip packaging, test characterization, reliability verification and functional modules, focusing on the design, development and manufacturing of high-performance, high-power, high-reliability optoelectronic chips and devices, and products are widely used in industrial processing, intelligent perception, optical communication, In the fields of medical cosmetology and scientific research, we are committed to building a product R&D center and manufacturer with international industry status.




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