Dogain Laser released communication-grade single-mode 980nm semiconductor laser chips and module products

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2023-06-15 13:06

On November 18, 2022, it was hosted by Suzhou Science and Technology Bureau, Yangtze River Delta G60 Science and Technology Innovation Corridor Laser Industry Alliance, and Suzhou Industrial Park Science and Technology Innovation Committee; Co-organized by the National Third-Generation Semiconductor Technology Innovation Center and Suzhou Nano Technology Development Co., Ltd.; The "Optoelectronics Industry Seminar and Communication Grade Single Mode 980nm Semiconductor Laser Chip and Pump Module Product Release Conference of Dogain Laser Technology Co., Ltd." undertaken by Dogain Laser Technology (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. was successfully held!



At the product launch conference, Academician Chen Lianghui of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, relevant leaders of Suzhou Science and Technology Bureau and Suzhou Industrial Park, domestic industry experts and enterprise executives gathered together to witness this highlight moment. Academician Zhu Ninghua, Academician Luo Yi, Director Tan Pingheng of the Institute of Semiconductors of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chi Yu, Deputy Director of the Department of Industry and Information Technology of Jiangsu Province and other leading experts congratulated Dogain Laser on the successful release of "communication-grade single-mode 980nm laser chip and module products" through video, and the leaders and experts attending the meeting gave a high evaluation of the release of the product. It is believed that Dogain laser has made a breakthrough in communication-level single-mode 980nm laser chips and modules and successfully released, realized the localization of China's communication-level single-mode 980nm laser chips and modules, completely solved the "stuck neck" problem in the field of optical communication chips, and is crucial to China's realization of the security of the entire optical communication industry chain, so that China's optical communication pumping and applications, space laser communication, fiber optic gyroscope, lidar and other applications are no longer subject to foreign countries, filling the gap in the domestic market. It has very important social and economic benefits.



At the launching ceremony of the product launch conference, leaders of Suzhou Science and Technology Bureau and Suzhou Industrial Park, a number of experts and company executives jointly launched the launch ceremony, and the "communication-grade single-mode 980nm semiconductor laser chip and pump module products" was officially released.



At the optoelectronics industry seminar after the product launch, Dr. Yang Guowen, CTO of Dogain Laser, made a wonderful report on the product development of "communication-grade high-power single-mode 980 nm semiconductor laser chip and pump module", sharing the difficult problems and challenges overcome in the product development process, the important achievements and the characteristics and advantages of the product; Through 3 years of hard work, it has broken through 5 major technical bottlenecks, opened up more than 10 technical links, and realized the mass production of 2 major product series, and the products have realized the whole process from chip design, material epitaxy, chip to module completely independent and controllable, with high single-mode output power and high efficiency, and passed the Telcordia GR-468-CORE communication standard verification.



After the product launch ceremony, the optoelectronic industry seminar was held simultaneously, and 13 wonderful special reports and keynote speeches were given by industry experts and entrepreneurs from the Institute of Semiconductors of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Xi'an Institute of Optics and Mechanics, Shanghai Institute of Optics and Mechanics, Fujian Institute of Physical Structures, East China Normal University, Soochow University, China Electronics Technology Group, Suzhou Tianhong Laser Co., Ltd. and other hot topics around cutting-edge technologies, development trends and application prospects such as optical communications, semiconductor lasers, high-power lasers and applications. The optoelectronics industry seminar provides a window for exchanges and discussions among the upstream and downstream optoelectronic technology experts in the industry, and creates an open and broad communication platform for the sustainable and prosperous development of the optoelectronics industry.



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