The evaluation meeting of the project results of "communication-grade high-power single-mode 980nm semiconductor laser chip and pump module" was successfully held

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2023-06-15 13:11

On September 17, 2022, the Chinese Optical Engineering Society and the Chinese Society of Optometry organized four academicians and a number of experts to hold an evaluation meeting on the "communication-grade high-power single-mode 980nm semiconductor laser chip and pump module" project completed by Dogain Laser Technology (Suzhou) Co., Ltd., and the evaluation meeting was a complete success.


Before the evaluation meeting, the Chinese Society of Optical Engineering commissioned five experts to form a test team to conduct strict on-site inspection and test inspection of the project's products. During the meeting, the experts of the Evaluation Committee listened carefully to the development report and technical report of Dr. Yang Guowen, CTO of Dogain Laser, reviewed the test report of the leader of the test expert group, reviewed the new search report and user use report and other relevant materials, and conducted rigorous questioning and full discussion. The evaluation committee unanimously agreed that "the project has high technical difficulty, strong innovation in structure and process, remarkable economic and social benefits, and the overall technology of the results is at the international advanced and domestic leading level, among which it has reached the international leading level in terms of electro-optical conversion efficiency and module spectral bandwidth".



High-life reliability all-optical network as the basis of large-capacity optical communication, erbium-doped fiber amplifier (EDFA) can directly amplify optical signals, is the key component to realize all-optical network, and 980nm pump laser chip and module is the heart and core of EDFA. In addition, 980nm laser pump sources play an extremely important role in submarine communications, satellite lasers and space communications, fiber optic gyroscopes, ultrafast laser pump sources, and lidar (for mapping, wind measurement, and 3D perception).


Application principles and technical routes:

Through the 980nm laser pump source pumped erbium-doped fiber, the amplification of 1550nm signal light based on wavelength division multiplexing technology can be realized, so as to realize large-capacity and long-distance optical signal transmission.


Technical difficulties:

The core key of communication-grade high-power single-mode 980nm semiconductor laser pump module is single-mode 980nm laser chip, which has extremely high requirements, including extremely high current density, extremely high optical power density, extremely high reliability requirements, compared to the current industrial application products, in terms of reliability, current density and power density and other important parameters are 1 to 2 orders of magnitude higher, development is very difficult.

Difficulties include:

1) High single-mode output power and high electro-optical conversion efficiency.

2) Catastroptic optical cavity surface damage caused by extremely high cavity surface optical power density.

3) Extremely high reliability requirements under extremely high current density and very high power density operating conditions.


Aiming at the "stuck neck" problem of communication-grade single-mode 980nm semiconductor laser chips and modules, systematic in-depth research has been carried out in six modules, including chip design, epitaxial material growth, front-end preparation process, back-end preparation process, packaging and testing analysis, reliability and failure analysis, breaking through many key technologies and processes of IDM system in the process of chip and module development, and after 4 years of hard work, successfully developed a series of products with high power, high efficiency and high reliability single-base transverse mode semiconductor laser chips and modules. It realizes the whole process from epitaxial materials, chips to modules, and is completely autonomous and controllable.




The main series of products formed:

1) 900mW single-mode chip products, typical electro-optical conversion efficiency 58%, life reliability (@60% CL) under 600mW and 900mW working conditions is better than 100FIT and 500 FIT, respectively; The 14pin butterfly package module developed with this is used to obtain a series of optical fiber output 400-600mW series.

2) 1300mW single-mode chip product, typical electro-optical conversion efficiency 52%, life reliability (@60% CL) under 900mW and 1300mW working conditions is better than 100FIT and 500FIT respectively. The 14pin butterfly package module developed by this is obtained with a series of optical fiber output 600-1000mW.

The above series of products have passed the Telcordia GR-468-CORE communication standard verification.


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