Dogain Laser completed a series C financing of hundreds of millions of yuan, and CICC Transfar Fund under CICC Capital and Aerospace Beijing Development Fund under Aerospace Science and Industry jointly led the investment

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2023-06-15 13:16

Recently, Dogain Laser Technology (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. announced the completion of the C round of financing. CICC Transfar Fund under CICC Capital and Aerospace Beijing Development Fund under Aerospace Science and Industry jointly led the investment, and more than ten well-known investment institutions such as CICC Transfar Fund, CICC Qijiang Fund, Nanjing Goldbody, Shenzhen High-tech Investment, Orient Securities Direct Investment, and Cymbalium Fund participated in this round of financing.



Founded in 2017, Dogain Laser Technology (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. focuses on the design, development and manufacture of high-performance, high-power, high-reliability optoelectronic chips and devices, which are widely used in industrial processing, optical communication, perception detection, medical cosmetology and scientific research. The company has a full set of engineering technology capabilities and mass production and manufacturing capabilities covering chip design, epitaxial growth, wafer process, packaging and testing, fiber coupling, etc. The company's industrial power chips and fiber-coupled module products have leading performance, among which industrial high-power chips have successfully replaced chips imported from the United States and Japan.


Tong Xuanzi, head of CICC Transfar Fund, said: "We continue to be optimistic about the localization of chip semiconductors. Adopting the IDM business model, Dogain has successfully established an independent and controllable wafer complete supporting full-chain R&D and production line, developed and launched domestic high-power semiconductor laser chips with completely independent intellectual property rights, and solved the bottleneck in this field. We continue to be optimistic about the technical strength and domestic alternative development potential of the team.


”Wang Jin, Partner of Transfar Capital, said: "The Laser Competence Circle spans the two investment tracks of semiconductors and lasers, and is an important investment of CICC Transfar Fund in the semiconductor and laser fields. Dugain has been deeply engaged in the laser chip industry for many years, gathered a global outstanding talent team, and the future laser chip industry has great prospects. ”


The project leader of the Aerospace Beijing Development Fund said: "The core team of Dogain has clear business ideas, extreme love for its own business, high forward-looking judgment for future industry development, and high requirements and pursuits for product innovation, technical process, production and research and development. We are very optimistic about the future development. ”


About CICC Transfar Fund

CICC Transfar Industrial Equity Investment Fund, jointly initiated by CICC Capital and Transfar Group, mainly invests in emerging industries such as science and technology and medical care, with an initial scale of 3 billion yuan. The fund will give full play to CICC Capital's professional advantages in the field of equity investment management, excellent platform and resource advantages, as well as Transfar Group's long-term cultivation and leading position in related industries, and strive to explore high-quality projects with high growth potential. Through high-level market-oriented operation, strong industrial integration capabilities, and comprehensive financial supporting services, we will strive to integrate industry and finance and empower project investment.


About the Aerospace Beijing Development Fund

The first phase of the Aerospace Jingkai Fund is 1 billion yuan, which is an industrialization fund jointly established by a subsidiary of Aerospace Science and Industry Group and many large enterprises such as Yizhuang Holdings, Weifang Venture Capital, and Huzhou Moganshan Group. Focus on investing in high-quality enterprises and high-growth industry leaders in emerging industries such as aerospace, integrated circuits, high-end equipment manufacturing, new materials, and new energy.


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