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Optical Engineer


2024-05-23 10:34


1-3 years


Junior college

Post resume

Position information
1、Build optical collimation system, complete optical component selection and verification;
2、Develop optical collimation process and optical performance test methods, complete product development;
3、Docking customer use requirements, complete product optical performance evaluation;
4、Write process development technical information, develop process standards and form specifications;

Job requirements:
1、bachelor degree or above (physics, electronics, optoelectronics, materials majors) are available;
2、 familiar with semiconductor lasers, fast axis collimation experience is preferred;
3、familiar with geometric optics, physical optics and Gaussian beam theory;
4、 proficient in ZeMAX or TracePro and other optical design simulation software;
5、 strong hands-on ability, work carefully, self-discipline, strict self-demand.